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In today’s job hunt ecosystem, finding the best talent is challenging to recruiters. assists recruiters to recruit the best using our
  • i. Recruitment Solutions
  • ii. Custom Business Promotional Solutions

Recruitment Solutions

Our recruitment solutions will go beyond posting your job requirements. We have a comprehensive approach to ensure our clients that short-listing of candidates is targeted which reduces the filtering time. We provide best results to our clients using our features listed below.

Job Postings

We make job postings simpler, easier and target-oriented to make our clients reach their target talent straight away.

Manage Responses

The responses received by recruiters are relevant and immediate. Recruiters have options to manage the responses to their job postings directly in dashboard where they can access the CV of respondents and shortlist the candidates.

Intra Alerts

Response time of job seekers is reduced by Intra Alerts feature. We make communication with candidates fast by this feature. Recruiters can communicate directly to job seekers via intra alerts and this saves the time of recruiters.

Custom Business Promotional Solutions

The Business Model of focuses on client satisfaction by utilizing 'proven' Business experts to provide the service that our clients deserve. We are known for our Custom Business Promotional Solutions that are of the highest quality, with low cost advertising to satisfy all our client’s business needs. We provide solutions to suit every Business requirement.


Recruitment Solutions, include the following business benefits:
Increases Response Rate

Our intra alert feature will improve the response rate of applicants to recruiters.

Reduces Filtering Time

Job postings of recruiters will directly reach the right target audience, category-wise and this reduces the filtering time of recruiters.

Personalized Communication

The communication gap is reduced between job seekers and recruiters to provide best results within short span of time.

Free trial pack

We offer Premium Package as trial for three months duration.

Custom Business Promotional Solutions, include a bundle of benefits like:
  • Identify and qualify organizations' business promotional requirements
  • Better business continuity with a high Lead turnover
  • Custom campaigns that enhance brand equity.
  • Lower costs and other cost savings (Because of cost effective solutions)